"He who lives in harmony

with himself

lives in harmony

with the universe."

Marcus Aurelius

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 In our Natural healing Kitchen You'll Learn & Practice techniques to elevate your health for the rest of your life.


HEALTHY food, CLEAN WATER, nutrients,

SELF CARE, meditation, breathing, NATURE...

Health is wealth.

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Well Workshop is the must-have wellness and environmental foundation course for 2021! You'll quickly learn the essentials you need to be in your best health today and going forward.


This is a unique course, personal and centered around you. In the beginning we'll get together on zoom for a one-on-one exploration session. This helps us create a customized roadmap for your well-being transformation. There's many layers to our lives. As environmental health detectives, we like to gather information that can help create your pathway to speediest results. 


Our Physical lives have much to do with our emotional and mental health, so naturally our approach involves all levels of your being. The solutions we guide you through involve not just healing foods for our bodies, but nourishment for the mind and soul as well. 


Some of this and what we present, you may be familiar with already. However, the way we bring everything together is what sets us apart. I'm sharing with you methods that cultivated my own healing 30 years ago.  I painfully endured years of suffering from ailments both physical and emotional after losing my parents to cancer. Not finding any solutions from doctors or typical methods, I eventually was drawn to nutrition and natural remedies. As I began learning what foods help or harm and started eating differently, my health came to life again. (Macrobiotic, vegetarian, organic, vegan, fasting, cleansing,... you name it I've done it!)


This life is an ongoing journey of change and discovery, our health too may ebb and flow like the ocean. Nature has so many solutions for us, if we give it a try. I'm here to serve you and help in any way I can. 


The sessions are simple & informative. In addition to one on one coaching, we meet as a small group for one hour online each Saturday for 4 weeks. There's two sessions also during the week. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience.


We'll be diving into the 4 core areas that affect health:  Food, Water, Air, Environment. These make up our Basecamp Sessions.

  • FOOD


  • AIR



We focus on identifying and avoiding toxins found in these core areas that may be harming you. You'll discover what toxins could be harming your body and mind, and more importantly, how to reduce your exposure. This is essential to clear the way for your health to rise.


Food and nutrition is the cornerstone to long lasting health. Step by step our team will show you how to easily nourish yourself, and nutrition's link to health. Our cooking sessions will be inspiring and helpful.  You'll learn the healing recipes we rely upon from soups, quinoa & must-have protein dishes to seasonal cleanses, teas and the best way to eat leafy greens. We cover it all, really. 



The importance of water can't be overlooked.  Throughout the course you receive tools to have perpetual health. For water, we go all out and send you the most effective and best filter we've found. It's our favorite and will change your life! In one of our Saturday sessions, you'll learn how to put this filter together, and how to maintain it best. 


Voila, you've learned one of the best tips to improve your health! This gives you so much freedom, you'll never have to buy water again! You'll now have plentiful safe and clean water at home to cook with and to drink! Having this filter is especially helpful in times of disaster. 

The whole body, mind and soul gather in this expedition as we explore where we each are today. Many factors create our current state of health. While we work on the physical we're also working on our mental health-- looking into and calming our thoughts as we create new and better beliefs, if needed that truly assist our health and wellbeing throughout all dimensions of our presence.

Warning, You're likely to feel good and experience a more resilient immune system. You may breathe, move and sleep better too; helpful factors in our world today.


If you're in pain or worried about your health in any way, don't delay! Begin the Well Workshop ASAP so you can thrive as nature intended:)

Well Workshop

Whether you're trying to heal from a chronic condition, or someone in your circle is not doing well, or you're just worried about health in general, especially since the pandemic has shifted our world, this workshop is for you! We'll give you the methods and tools you need so you have more control of your health and your future.


As we dive into the core areas, you'll learn simple solutions to turn your body into a healing magnet.  At the same time we'll be lowering your and your family's exposure to substances that could be interfering with your well-being. 


We do not believe in covering up symptoms.  We believe in finding the source of the problem and resolving it.

This information will change your life as well as save you immense time and money. You'll learn what to replace and how. You'll raise your resiliency and be more empowered. Together we'll create durable wellness within and around you.

This course gives you the ultimate foundation in health essentials. Your home and your fresh new habits will elevate your health in subtle and dynamic ways for the rest of your life. You'll be closer in harmony with nature physically and mentally.


Well Workshop is limited in size so we can provide you with personal attention. We meet online for one hour each Saturday for 4 weeks. We'll have two sessions during the week as well, reflecting on that theme. If you miss a session, don't worry. All sessions are recorded and available at your convenience, forever. We can also customize and create a workshop to suit the needs of your group.


Throughout the workshop you'll be provided with ongoing support, coaching and feedback. In addition to the sessions, we're available throughout the course and afterward to connect via our private fb group, zoom, text or phone. We'll do all we can to help you succeed with these tools and make them a part of your life. We'll be mailing you some materials like the water filter and mineral bath.  Any articles and worksheets will be viewable online as well as download and printable. We encourage you to have a notebook and journal with you during class.

This is all about You! Our mission is to help strengthen and restore your health through easy to learn fun and helpful methods. You're going to love this!


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Your Health? 

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Who Are We?

Well Workshop was designed by Joanna Kappele, the environmental health detective. For the past 30 years she's been studying holistic & environmental health, nutrition and herbology. It all began when she had her own health crisis that doctors were unable to figure out. Ditching pharmaceuticals & conventional medicine, she instead found healing with natural methods and nutrition. Since then she's been using her experience & skills to help others reunite with their own inner healing powers.

We hope you join us! We love teaching people how to radically improve their health naturally & turn their environments into powerful living habitats.

Private Coaching

If you prefer to learn solo, we offer private coaching one on one as well. Schedule a call to discuss options. 

Group Coaching

If you have a large group, we can customize the workshop to best suit your particular needs and scheduling preferences. 

100% Guaranteed! No risk, Join us and if you're not completely over the moon about our program, get your money back! We have a 7 day refund policy. 

Adore Yourself
"Loving Ourselves works miracles
in our lives."
Louise L Hay
The Green Handbook, Food Supply, Joanna Kappele


"Joanna provided nearly instant recommendations based on my brief description of my hand cramping. She knew exactly what I needed and gave me varied options to address the issue. Within literally a day of doing what Joanna recommended, my hand cramping was and still is entirely gone. I’m now able to work in my online business without any physical barriers - thanks to Joanna’s expertise and her intuitive understanding of holistic health for the body. So grateful!"


-Dr. Rachel 

Psychologist & Founder of The Numinous Path 

"Teas and foot bath are working.

Your kindness is much appreciated!"


Western Springs, IL

Natural Living


This adventure is the ultimate training in holistic health at home.  We provide the learning to help you adapt these new skills into your daily routine. Doing so will transform your wellness and well-being exponentially. 

Nature and Water Therapy

Well Being-ness depends on so many factors, one of the most important being our connection with nature. We bring the outside in and to you in a myriad of healing ways throughout the workshop.

Tea Making

Whether you're a beginner or experienced tea drinker, you'll enjoy our tea time sessions. In the workshop, you receive what we feel is the best water filter available, plus a selection of green and herbal organic teas with a new French Press! 

Self Care

Our motto is adore yourself. Everything we do involves loving thyself and thus, deepening our foundation with ourselves, with our loved ones, and with our dear planet earth. Through our time together we can share our best self with those around us. We share self care secrets that will help you create sustainable wellness.  From healing foot baths to meditation & visualization for body and mind, we'll practice peaceful nurturing habits to further your well being within.

IMG_3173 (1).JPG

See You in our next class! 

With love, Joanna


The training we provide is intended to support and benefit your health. Proper nourishment combined with reducing exposure to toxins assists our health in a myriad of ways. While  evidence supports environmental health's effect upon human and animal health, diseases still can remain mysterious. My personal experience overcoming disease through natural means as well as helping others do the same triggered my lifelong pursuit into wellness and nutritional advising.  Everything we teach is thoroughly backed up with documented scientific evidence and vast research. This training is meant to compliment your life, help attract healing from within and help discourage disease. We are not attempting to replace or discourage your physician's advice or any medications you may be taking. We recommend if you're currently under medical supervision or pregnant that you seek guidance from your  physician before proceeding.  HEALTH is wealth.


The Adore Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization

dedicated to environmental health education.



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