"He who lives in harmony

with himself

lives in harmony

with the universe."

Marcus Aurelius


 Survive &


is wealth.




NOw is the time.

LEARN HOW TO USE OUR UNIQUE DEEP METHOD FOr healing Whatever ails you.


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Are you living your life in comfort, or are health challenges bringing you down? If you have 40 days, we'll show you exactly what to do to uncover your

best health ever.

In our Natural healing Kitchen You'll Learn & Practice techniques to elevate your health for the rest of your life.


You'll BE Guided
through AWAKENing your inner healing powers.


this is A well-being reset, A whole body & Mind tune up.


Health is wealth.

HEALTHY food,CLEAN WATER, nutrients, 
SELF CARE, meditation, breathing, NATURE...The Path to healing is 
simpler & More joyful than you can imagine.


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Well Workshop

 Radically improve

your health


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We care about you and your health. The Well Workshop is the must-have authentic healing workshop you've been looking for. 


We'll teach you all the essentials you need to be in your best health today going forward. We'll guide and teach you everything you need to regain your health. 


This is a unique course, personal and centered around you.  You'll get a customized protocol for retraining your body and mind for health including strengthening and your immune system.   


The solutions we guide you through involve not just healing foods for our bodies, but nourishment for the mind and soul as well.  Some of what we present may be familiar to you. However, our experience with natural healing and the way we bring everything together is what sets us apart. 


Our unique process slowly but thoroughly retrains your body and mind for amazing health! For it to work, you have to be committed to wanting to improve your health. We'll give you all the supplies you need, and show you what to do, practice with you, encourage you and help you every step of the way. 

You'll be eating very well throughout, lots of tasty foods, healthy fats. This is not a diet or a weight loss program, though most people lose fat around their stomach and bloating disappears thoroughly and they do lose weight. To find out more details, please get in touch with us for a free consultation to see if this is the right program for you.





Sessions are fun & informative.  We meet online for an hour twice a week for 6 weeks. If timing is an issue, no worries-- all sessions will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience.


We'll be diving into 4 core areas that affect our health & the best and simple solutions:  Food, Water, Air, Environment. These make up our Basecamp Sessions.

  • FOOD


  • AIR




Food and nutrition is the cornerstone to long lasting health. Step by step our team will show you how to easily nourish yourself and get the nutrition and nutrients you need.  We'll give you the wholesome and healing recipes we rely upon from soups, quinoa & must-have protein dishes to tea and the best way to eat leafy greens. We got it all covered, really. 




The importance of water can't be overlooked.  To really make a splash, we provide you with the most effective and best filter we've found. It's our favorite and very simple to use. This one small change will turn your health around!

In one of our Saturday sessions, we'll guide you through the entire set up. You'll forever have plentiful safe and clean water to cook with and to drink! Having this filter is especially helpful in times of disaster. 

Warning, You're likely to feel good and experience a more resilient immune system. You will breathe, move and sleep better too; You will thrive.


More than ever, air pollution is affecting our health. Contaminants of all kinds make their way into our bodies through the air we breathe. This can cause low- lying infections we don't even know we have. This is one of the most exciting parts of the DEEP Method, helping your body heal itself by clearing away these infections. 

If you're in pain or worried about your health in any way, don't delay! Begin the Well Workshop ASAP so you can rise and shine as nature intended:)

Well Workshop

Whether you're trying to heal from a chronic condition, or someone in your circle is not doing well, or you're just worried about health in general, especially since the pandemic has shifted our world, this workshop is for you! We'll give you the methods and tools you need so you have more control of your health and your future.


Prepare to transform your life. We do not believe in covering up symptoms.  We believe in finding the source of the problem and resolving it, and teaching you how to protect your

health in the future.


Throughout the workshop you'll be provided with ongoing support, coaching and feedback. In addition to the sessions, we're available throughout the course and afterward to connect.

Our mission is to help you strengthen and restore yourself so you can  Spend your time living life happily.


We'll do all we can to help you succeed with these tools and make them a part of your life. 


Let's find out 

if this course is a

good fit for you.

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Who Are We?

Well Workshop was designed by Joanna Kappele, the holistic and environmental health expert. For the past 30 years she's been studying environmental health, holistic healing and nutrition, body work, herbology, and the virtue of tea.  For 3 decades, she's been living an organic lifestyle, beginning soon after she lost both parents to cancer. She decided from that day forward to learn all she could about health and healing. At the time she was experiencing her own health problems that doctors were unable to figure out. Ditching pharmaceuticals & conventional medicine, she instead found healing with natural methods and nutrition. Since then she's been using her experience & deepening her skills to help others restore and rebuild their health. She is the natural health guide you seek.

Private Coaching

If you prefer to learn solo, we offer private coaching one on one. Schedule a call to discuss options. 

Group Coaching

If you have a large group, we can customize the workshop to best suit your particular needs and scheduling preferences. 

100% Guaranteed! No risk, Join us and if you're not completely over the moon about our program, get your money back! We have a 7 day refund policy. 

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"Oh my God...your so thorough and have the knowledge that all of the doctors put together that I have been dealing with including the herbalists, the naturopaths and in between protocols all have put me on (that didn't help solve the issue or get to the bottom of the issue) and here you are nipping things in the bud thoroughly and succinctly and clearly for me to understand...you are the gut master, teacher, tutor, counselor and mentor."

-B. Oak Park, IL.

"Joanna provided nearly instant recommendations based on my brief description of my hand cramping. She knew exactly what I needed and gave me varied options to address the issue. Within literally a day of doing what Joanna recommended, my hand cramping was and still is entirely gone. I’m now able to work in my online business without any physical barriers - thanks to Joanna’s expertise and her intuitive understanding of holistic health for the body. So grateful!"


-Dr. Rachel 

Psychologist & Founder of The Numinous Path 

"I had the worst fingernail fungus, it was bad--all my nails were affected. Joanna made me a salve and told me what to do to heal it. I didn't expect it to work, but I went along with it anyway. She totally changed my life! Seriously, for years I had to keep my hands hidden. I tried stuff before but none of it worked. I had given up, thinking it was hopeless. But no more!  It completely healed! I was stunned! Actually I'm still stunned! Thanks to her, I now have more confidence in my work and can hold hands with my wife without thinking about it. Incredible!! Thanks Joanna!"


-Jake, Chicago, IL

"Teas and foot bath are working. Your kindness is much appreciated!"

-J. Chicago, IL

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See You in our next class! 

With love, Joanna


This training is intended to support and benefit your health and encourages good habits that naturally awaken healing from within. If you're currently under medical supervision or pregnant we suggest you seek guidance from your physician before proceeding.

Adore Yourself
"Loving Ourselves works miracles
in our lives."
Louise L Hay
Developed by teacher and Author of the Green Handbook!